The Last Innocence

An appraisal of Maureen Carvill's work by Virginia Baig Omella, International Association of Art Critics:


The artist's playful brushwork, her simplicity and subtlety seduce and captivate us. Her way of seeing things seduces us, her tonal modulation, her contemporary sensibility. Her work draws us in, submerges us in a suggestive world in which creativity and the emotional experience of the artist are intertwined.

Maureen’s paintings are usually abstract objects and landscapes, though tangible in sublime atmosphere, which are vibrant colour compositions, that seemingly form a spontaneous language. All this through the medium of a painting, in which the prevailing oils and acrylics are tools of expression in a symphony of color. A flight of images, captivated and captivating, which speak to us of intimacy, in the intuition of the moment. A direct product from the heart, of the soul of this Dublin born painter, living in Leiden for several years.

Before us is an author of great poetic register whose work is grounded in a language fundamentally post modern, but anchored on the shores of a deeply personal aesthetic. A pictorial project full of images which subtly and seamlessly blend the abstract with light figurative sensuality.

Thematically her work ranges from the melancholy of the landscape to the composition  of everyday objects such as chairs, armchairs, beds and tables which meet each other in fields of colour searching for voice and complementarity, in a dynamic composition, sometimes full of symbols and text. She also constructs an allegorical field in which clouds, flowers, dresses, strange hieroglyphics, steps and red circles reside. Metaphors for a simple theme which contrast with her daring use of colour.
Maureen's mind explores areas of beauty in the object and the daub.  In a discourse which refers to the Fauves and Expressionists, with a defined sense of colour and glamour in the gesture. She offers us vibrant pieces of emotion and nostalgia, essentially soothing, fragrant melodies to the rhythm of white blues, capable of touching the depths of our soul. She quietly opens a window for us to "the last innocence". This is her entire universe.

Virginia Baig Omella

International Association of Art Critics


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